Original Design Phone Case - How Cats See the World - Style C

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Original Design Phone Case - How Cats See the World - Style C

House of Avenues - Ladies' Designer footwear brand originated from Hong Kong

Original Design Phone Case - How Cats See the World - Style C

Description -

Material: hollow transparent soft shell
*The blank part of the pattern is transparent, which will show the color of the phone body
*All-inclusive transparent soft edge
*Higher lens frame design
*Add a strap hole on the side
?* Personalize custom name -?Limited to 16 letters (at "Your Name Here" position)
(Please specify in the order remarks~ If not specified, no words will be added by default~)



*If you need other IPHONE or ANDROID models, please contact us for inquiry~
(The design of the pattern position is fixed, please pay attention to the lens opening position of different mobile phone models)

*The phone case is an independent customized product, and it will be shipped within 15 working days after the order is placed

*Customized goods will not be returned or exchanged if there is no quality problem

*Different screen monitors may have color difference, the color of the product will be based on the actual product, the color difference is not a quality problem

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Step 2
Use a pen to mark the longest part of the foot (hereinafter referred to as the foot length) on the paper, change to another foot, and repeat the above steps, because the size of the left and right feet may be different.

Step 3
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