Storing shoes

Keep your shoes well away from damp, in a dry, clean place. If you can, store them in shoe box or tidy them away in a shoe organizer rack.

To ensure your shoes retain their shape and don't get crushed, use wooden shoe trees (though these are quite costly), but don't buy them too big or they'll stretch your shoes. Or you can always stuff them with newspaper or silk paper to make them retain their shape.

Placing dry tea bags inside the shoe can help in removing the shoe odour. 

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It's advisable to use a waterproof spray on any new pair of shoes to nourish and protect them from damp.

Avoid contact with water, chemical fluid and aggressive substances. Do not expose to blazing sun after getting wet. Wipe carefully with a dry cloth, and air dry in a cool place.

Keep away from high-temperature places, avoid exposure to blazing sunlight, otherwise it is prone to discoloration and aging of leather. 


Let wet shoes dry slowly at room temperature. Do not place on or near a heater.

Suggest to bring them to a leather goods store for decontamination care when leather shoes that has become dirty. For small areas of dirt, use a similar color or transparent shoe cream for emergency. 

For dirt on shoes of synthetic surface, wash by hand mildly with sponge and diluted lukewarm soap water. Do not wash in a washing machine.

Do not wash shoes of wool, suede, velvet surface.  

Protect footwear from damages by sharp objects. Do not cut the sole.


 General hints and tips for shoes of various material


Shoes made of leather requires reasonable care; sensitivity to water and scratching are a part of its natural attributes. For best results apply suitable leather treatment products such as wax or shoes cream to your shoes. Leave to dry naturally and then gently buff with a soft brush or cloth rag. Note that as with all leathers its color may fade and that slight variations in its color are not uncommon.

Suede and Nubuck:

Suede and Nubuck is more fragile than ordinary leather and harder to take care of. Don't use wax polish; get hold of a suede cleaner to use on stubborn stains and always use a very soft cloth rag, a slightly dampened cloth or a gentle scrubber designed for use on suede. For heavily soiled shoes or stains, try using some sticky tape wrapped around your fingers to gently stroke the area, then brush to restore the nap. 

Synthetic material:

Synthetic materials are less fragile than natural leather. Clean your synthetic shoes with a damp cloth or a gentle brush, polish and waterproof.

Patent leather:

Patent leather is super-shiny and easily gets marks on it. Clean yours with a sponge and soapy water and remove stains with a cloth dipped in non-acetone stain remover.